Our Definition of Being a True Friend:

Tru-Friends™ (site) is an experiment to see just how many people in the world think it's important to be a Tru-Friend™, have Tru-Friends™, and/or are willing to create, nurture and grow more lasting Tru-Friendships™ over a lifetime.

Tru-Friends™ (purpose) is about creating a personalized quality of life in your Lifestyle Playground U N I V E R S E, that includes a mutual respect between people of all countries, cultures, beliefs and faiths that exist in the world. When Tru-Friends™ succeeds in building bridges (true friendships that Unite us, not Divide us) it is anticipated we'll experience a period of peace, happiness and prosperity like never before known in the history of the world.

Tru-Friends™ only has one requirement for all who join.
"Be a Tru-Friend™."

The basic membership is free. Tru-Friends provides many worthwhile awesome apps to help make your life and journey in life a more fabulous one. So sign up today and be counted as part of our growing community of Tru-Friends™. We welcome and encourage you to invite your closest of Tru-Friendships™ to join, with you as their sponsor so you can enjoy the benefits that come from growing your network of relationships here (whether FREE or PAID networks).

What is the Tru-Friends™ definition of being a True Friend™?

Someone who is kind, caring, respectful, a good listener, patient, understanding, and non-judgmental; (meaning, someone who does not look for, or seek to find faults in you; someone who accepts, admires and respects you for who you are and isn't trying to change you); allowing you to grow, develop and progress at your own pace and in your own ways. Willingly being a Tru-Friend™, in good times and times opposite, no matter what.

Someone who spends little time, if any, engaged in the opposite of these things. And since none of us is perfect, when things don't turn out the way one thought they should, a Tru-Friend™ forgives and forgets so as to maintain a forever growing good relationship among Tru-Friendships™. In essence, someone who is being loving to you and leaving a legacy of love behind in all they do.

This is our definition of a Tru-Friend™, it's everything!

What are our awesome Apps (we are starting with 4 to create your custom & highly personalized Lifestyle Playground U N I V E R S E)?

Our Social Network Marketing (SNM) app is your personalized eCommerce marketplace to better connect BRANDS with their FANS in highly beneficial and interactive ways not possible before Tru-Friends. With just one username and passcode you can create unlimited MySite, which is like creating a new distribution channel to sell whatever products, subscriptions and/or services you have an expertise or passion in life for doing. As you grow your Tru-Friends by inviting your Tru-Friends to join with you as their sponsor, you'll watch your network grow in ways that gives you could never before have imagined. Simplified communication tools are build in, so you can message to your whole network most cost effectively and efficiently. Plus, in and as Tru-Friends we PAY YOU FOR GROWING YOUR PAID NETWORKS here (sharing up to 40% of our monthly success fees with you out six universal generation within your network) and you don't have to do anything but invite your Tru-Friends to join and ask them to do the same with their Tru-Friends. With you inviting as few as 7 of your Tru-Friends and if they do business here PAID members (selling things on their MySite) you will find your PAID MySite becomes FREE. If your 7 Tru-Friends invite 7 of their friends that do the same, you'll be even more profitable without doing anything more. And if those 49 Tru-Friends continue, each inviting just 7 of their Tru-Friends, and so on out the full six universe generations, all as PAID members, you'll be making over $10,000 per month, every month for the rest of your life, if they continue on as PAID members too. Taken from the basic proven concept, "many hands make light the work." It’s a beautiful thing, and Tru-Friends™ shares with you in our rewards, in do here. But you don't have to become a PAID member (selling something) if you don't want to. Just use your SNM MySite tools in the non-eCommerce ways you will and it's FREE forever.

Our GoMobile Marketing (GoMobile) app is designed to help you create unlimited mobile phone web pages, send up to 300 text messages for FREE as part of your monthly promotional text campaigns. Create and share electronic business cards, kiosks, and create marketing material for your business specifically for mobile phones to help you better grow your database of customers and receive more frequent visits, and increased volume of purchases out of each customer. It's an awesome way to help grow your business virally, cause we all know 90+% of all phone text messages received are answered. Compared to the 2-3% of email ads, GoMobile is a No-Brainer and the most cost effective tool in the house.

Our MINGLE app is your Social Aggregating and Dating place without the meat market feeling, because we provide for various LIFESTYLE experiences to happen in more natural ways. MINGLE is a great place to nurture, cultivate and grow your existing Tru-Friendships™, find new Tru-Friends™, and aggregate all your social relationships writing to other social sites with just one click. Start Groups for your personal lifestyle interests and invite others or find others asking to join your Group. It's a great way to enjoy the after work hours time you have. We even provide a FREE classifieds section to buy, sell and trade your used things if you so desire. Which classifieds also has a FIND LOST FRIENDS place to help re-unite with lost connections using our community to help you re-connect.

Our Entertainucation (ET) App is the perfect place to Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Motivate others to reach their full potential through Competitions, Challenges and Contests of all types (including Tournaments, Round-Robin Events and more). Not only that we have a powerful collaboration Engine in our ET Platform to again apply the many hand make light the work concept so that projects just get done more quickly and at less cost than deploying other services. Every ET Event you Create is ABSOLUTELY FREE for the first 30 days and/or up to 99 participants. Which ever occurs first beyond those parameters, a nominal monthly fee helps us keep the server lights on to ensure you have 100% uptime on your EVENTS 24x7x365. You create and manage your own Competitions, Challenges or Contests online, while we back support you in the most cost effective and efficient ways with our global cloud hosting data centers, offerings and services.

To find out how invaluable and profitable Tru-Friends™ can be, consider joining as a paid member to access to the revenue generating side of our Tru-Friends™ eco-system.

If you are already a Tru-Friend™, want to be a Tru-Friend™ and or create more Tru-Friendships™, become a member of Tru-Friends.com today and enjoy our cool tools and stuff to make your online life more meaningful and worthwhile. The very best of things life has to offer will be experienced. It's almost guaranteed! Because "LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!"

Join us, be a Tru-Friend™, and start creating more True Friendships™ today!!!