Top 10 reasons to be a Tru-Friends member, because:

1. Tru-Friends™ is an organically grown eco-system of wonderful people like you who only invite their closet of trusted relationships "Tru-Friends" to join.

2. You won't be forced to view Ads, so you can just do your business; later viewing ads only if you agree to receive them, some with revenue sharing.

3. Tru-Friends™ is striving to become a Global economic eco-system of its own, where more business can be conducted without worry of being scammed, ripped-off, or taken advantage of; as those unwanted things are not considered a Tru-Friends ways.

4. All Tru-Friends™ sign up using their real name and contact information, or risk being shut down (orbsd).

5. All our members agree to conduct themselves within our eco-system in accordance with our definition of a Tru-Friend, orbsd.

6. is a place where positive energy is intentionally cultivated, such that truly creative and quality people can grow their relationships to bring about many innovative and worthwhile products, services and experiences.

7. In doing good things, your privacy is respected, your personal information never sold.

8. Peace, happiness and prosperity is the right and pursuit of all people to enjoy for a lifetime here.

9. Life is what You Make It! Quote by Jon M. Huntsman Sr., Co-Founder received, with gratitude.

10. Our members, both FREE and PAID, Love what they are thinking, saying, and doing here, therefore leaving a legacy of Love behind.

This privately held Company is an experiment to see just how many people in the world think it's important to be a Tru-Friend™, have Tru-Friends™, and are willing to create, nurture and grow more lasting Tru-Friendships™, over a lifetime as either FREE or PAID members.

Tru-Friend™ is about creating a quality of life that includes a mutual respect between people of all cultures, beliefs and faiths that exist in the world including those that have chosen to be non-religious as well. If as Tru-Friends™ we succeed in building bridges (true friendships) between us, it is anticipated Tru-Friends™ will experience a period of peace, happiness and prosperity like never before known in the history of the world. only has one requirement for all who join. "Be a Tru-Friend™"

Our Apps are designed to help you maximize efficiencies in your personal and business side of your social networking life among new and existing friends, while potentially providing you a recurring revenue stream of income that could be worthwhile. Remember, many hands make light the work. It's a beautiful thing! The Basic Membership (BM) is FREE and comes with a lot of cool Apps to help make your life journey a fabulous one. Register today and be counted as part of the growing number of Tru-Friends™ in the world. You'll even get our member PAID only Apps for FREE for the first 30 days.