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Tru-Friends is about using your real identity to grow Tru-Friendships with others so please use your real info. When we check and verify the data is accurate we'll manually change your member status to VERIFIED. All new members get an UN-VERIFIED member status to start because we don't require credit card or additional personal information at the time of registration to validate. Alternatively, you can upload a copy of your Government Issued Photo ID (like a Drivers License or Passport) and/or enter your Credit Card information (all optional) in your personal profile within the SNM app. If when checked and all your info matches we'll change your account member status to VERIFIED faster. NOTE: we will eventually ask for your valid credit /debit card number in SNM when you enter product details with intent to sell them on your Site. However, we'll only charge your card a small fee if you make a sale in any given month (if you don't make money, we don't either, that's the Tru-Friends way). Once your card is charged and your data gets validated as a match, we'll automatically change your account member status to PAID VERIFIED.

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"TLB (Traditional Linear Business website)" if you want to create your own traditional linear business MySite website. TLB's are totally customizable so you can create whatever look and feel you want in the business and or services company you have a passion for growing good things. Tru-Friends is the only web services software and hosting company that takes as little as five minutes to get into business. Create your own categories, warehouses, vendors, products, pricing, and all other things you'll need to run and manage your online business.

"DSB (Direct Selling Business website)" A direct selling business website means you set up the direct selling business model, and all who sign up under you off this DSB website automatically inherit all your BRANDS look and feel, products, pricing and comp plans with minimal customization and personalization features available to new members (distributors) in this genealogy downline business type. The people who start or join a DSB are people wanting to run a direct selling business and/or make residual income by selling the DSB's products and or services as a Distributor on a full or part time basis. You can also contact Tru-Friends to build out a customized comp plan just for your DSB, or you can inherit our comp plan at Tru-Friends, no extra cost.

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Our Definition of Being a Tru-Friend

Someone who is kind, caring, respectful, a good listener, patient, understanding, and non-judgmental; (meaning, someone who does not look for, or seek to find faults in you; someone who accepts, admires and respects you for who you are and isn't trying to change you); allowing you to grow, develop and progress at your own pace and in your own ways. Willingly being a Tru-Friend™, in good times and times opposite, no matter what.